Sunday school

Sunday School isn't just for the kiddos!  Some of our deepest discussions and heartfelt moments occur durning the Sunday School hour!  Classes begin at 10am Sunday mornings and let out a little before morning worship at 11am.  You are welcome to join any class you are comfortable with, but classes are divided the following ways:

Nursery available if needed

2 year olds through Kindergarden    -    Teacher Dayla Sue Pugh

1st through 6th Grade     -   Teacher Kristy Flowers

7th through 12th Grade    -    Teachers Dale and Debra Cook

Women's Bible Study      -   They teach each other!

Mature Adult Class      -     Teacher Larry Zielke

Less Mature Adult Class     -     Teacher Tracy Farthing

Please join us for coffee, study, laughter and love!

  June 2021  
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